Rigid Vinyl

Rigid Vinyl

Think about vinyl every time you do the following:

  • get a drink of water from the tap

  • have a shower

  • run the washing machine

  • run the dishwasher

  • open you windows

  • open your doors

  • turn on your heating or air conditioning

What all of these activities have in common is “rigid” vinyl. From underground water main pipes to the efficient heating or cooling of your home, protecting the outside of your home, or getting a great view of the street where your children are playing, vinyl takes care of you every day, and all around the house.

What makes rigid vinyl so special is that it costs less to manufacture, requires less maintenance, has a longer life span than most traditional materials reducing frequent replacement,  and is a truly clean, sleek, and beautiful high performance product.

Underground vinyl water main systems are innately anti-bacterial, which means that compared to other traditional materials, vinyl delivers the safest possible drinking water to your home.

And, we all understand Canadian winters, which is why you need the most efficient and resilient products protecting your home. Vinyl siding is the choice of many homes and commercial structures across Canada to protect a property’s throughout harsh Canadian winters, while at the same time, providing beautiful products which increase the value of your home.

Every day that you look out a window, it’s probably a vinyl window. Vinyl windows are also rigid, and are known not only for their beauty and sophistication, but also play a significant role in insulating your home and reducing energy costs dramatically.

So whether water, wind, rain, or snow, vinyl’s got you covered, cooking, washing, relaxing, and not only delivers water to and from your home, but also delivers peace of mind.

Since the discovery of vinyl by Walter Semon in 1926, this incredible versatile material has truly evolved into one of the most important materials of our time. Innovation being what it is, vinyl took one further evolutionary step when it became flexible, the field of medicine also changed.

In hospitals all over the world, flexible vinyl products are vital; from mattress covers, IV bags, dialysis bags, protective gloves, masks and more, improvement in health care reached new benchmarks.

Vinyl is one of the most anti-bacterial resistant materials in the health care environment; meaning that bacteria typically found in hospitals and medical offices such as E Coli, are unable to migrate and multiply on vinyl surfaces due to its smooth and non-porous surface, therefore preventing bacteria from collecting.

We’ve all been to a hospital to visit a loved one, but we do not often think about the amount of preparation work that goes into receiving a patient. One of the most important products in the hospital environment is the mattress cover. While visiting a loved one it is often a moment in time for us, hospitals see hundreds of patients a year coming and going, which is why it is vital to have a  resilient, sustainable,  and anti-bacterial solution to support the process. Vinyl is that solution, and has afforded hospitals all around the globe to reduce costs due to it’s sustainability, economy, and durability.

Flexible Vinyl

Rigid Vinyl

Vinyl Resin

Rigid Vinyl

Vinyl resin is the building blocks of all things vinyl. Compared to many materials in the general manufacturing process, vinyl resin has a lighter material weight than most traditional building materials, making it easy and cost efficient to manufacture goods, while helping to reduce the energy used during transport, which is vital to carbon footprint reduction.

Vinyl resin is a miracle material, and when you consider daily life, vinyl is there supporting all of your life’s activities, from sports, education, and medical, to products used in institutional, commercial applications, and the very home you live in.

In fact, vinyl resin is perhaps one of the most important discoveries of our time; with the recent and dramatic movement towards a sustainable planet, vinyl resin manufacturers will see a greater demand for their product due to the exceptional sustainability of vinyl products which have a life cycle of 100 years and more.

Resin is recyclable, reliable, and essential in the development of a truly  sustainable society.

Additives are a key ingredient in the creation of important vinyl products we use every day, and are what makes vinyl flexible.

When in a hospital you will see oxygen masks, IV bags, and mattress covers which are only a few examples of flexible vinyl products; vinyl products are among the top materials used in hospitals around the world, are innately anti-bacterial, and help doctors and nurses everywhere to save lives.

However, before any medicines or materials arrive in hospital settings, they must first undergo rigorous testing in research laboratories to ensure that both the medicines being used, and materials which administer them are safe and fit for purpose; flexible vinyl products support the research process, which in turn allows our medical industry to deliver the most sophisticated and safe health care process in the history of medicine.

To illustrate this, we know that when oral use of antibiotics and medications are not an option, distributing medicine through IV bags and tubing allows the medicine to travel faster and safer to the patient in order to support recovery from illness where minutes matter. These products are not only important in the case of general hospital care, but are vital in situations such as paramedic treatment and emergency care beyond the hospital environment.

Vinyl additives and their related products help to produce the tools necessary to help research scientists and medical professionals to save lives  every day and in virtually any geographical situation.

Vinyl Additives

Rigid Vinyl