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Politics or Pandemics?
Stop political agenda’s from compromising your Safety and your Life!


The government wants to classify all plastics as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, while they continue to buy unprecedented volumes of plastic masks, shields, gloves, hospital gowns, ventilators, oxygen masks, and IV bags – to fight COVID-19. It doesn’t make sense? Epidemiologists agree that more waves and pandemics are coming, and plastics are the only protection we have against the spread of this deadly virus.

While wanting to deem plastics toxic, the government continues to ask plastics manufacturers to “re-tool” their facilities to produce ever more Personal Protection Equipment to protect health care workers and Canadians from Covid-19. Manufacturers have risen to the challenge, and continue to produce PPE to keep us all safe from this unpredictable disease.

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“Our health, our economy, and our future will all be at risk without plastics of every kind. Be it in healthcare should I need a blood transfusion or medications, or buying fresh food from my local grocery store.”

Please send a letter to your elected officials now by filling out your name and address on the letter we’ve prepared on this page and click SEND. Let the government know that you do not support this hasty and mis-directed regulatory change. Just as you have the right to vote, you also have the right to access plastics of any kind to keep your family safe, keep the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the plastics industry, and prevent further devastation to our Canadian economy.